Company Profile
  Shenzhen Aite Software Co. Ltd. is a domestic high-tech enterprises IT. Focus on Internet plus service, to build domestic electricity supplier ecosystem service. Provide enterprises with the overall solution of e-commerce, e-commerce platform building, e-commerce services (generation operation, visual design, marketing planning and Design), e-commerce training guidance, e-commerce resource integration. AIT service includes: Mall system, transaction system, auction system, mobile Internet, mobile phone software development, brand establishment, micro sites, micro mall, micro marketing etc..

  Industry plan planning: e - commerce schemes based on business e-business. System software design: the construction of all kinds of business websites based on the web site system. Application software development: development of all kinds of management software based on enterprise application requirements. Over the years, AIT in the service needs of customers and constantly improve their own products and service system optimization. Think of the customers, think of the needs of customers, and the urgent customers, and more and more popular.

  Our vision is to look at the world's advanced IT enterprises and become the leading enterprise in China's IT industry. It has become a professional development, service and marketing company, providing one-stop management solutions for enterprises, and building domestic e-commerce technology support and services to help enterprises develop.
Corporate Culture
Management culture: military + school + family values, staff culture: do nothing to ensure the completion of the task!
Happy culture: a unique "happy culture"
Form of communication: in order to enable employees to learn and improve constantly in their work, we have a special time to organize specific time to organize related training activities. The specific content is covered.
Enterprise concept: we want to: learn the strong, courtesy of the weak, legal competition, self - survival!
Our mission: through our continuous innovation and efforts to make the small and medium-sized enterprises the road of electricity, more simple. (let e-commerce, simpler!)
Our values: close to the user, create value, achieve you and me; help others, share win, conspiracy development!
Our dream: make every employee of the company become an e-commerce expert; let every business enterprise use our products.
Our attitude of doing things: focus, extreme, never give up!
Our enterprise spirit: learn humility, mutual aid, dare to break through and innovation; mutual respect is firm and indomitable, filial piety, serious and responsible.
Our positioning: mobile e-commerce software and related value-added service providers.
Our customers: small and medium-sized enterprises that need to carry out e-commerce business
Contact Us Telephone:400-646-5288